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Pristine Blue

At the Pool Hut, we are the only pool company in Texarkana that offers water treatment solutions by Pristine Blue, which is used by 95% of our customers! It is a water treatment that you add only every two weeks. It won't burn or sting your eyes, and it costs less than chlorine because it doesn't evaporate from the sun. You don't have to purchase a separate algaecide, because the main product "Blue" has the algaecide in it. Pristine Blue also helps eczema and psoriasis. Your skin will feel like you have just put lotion on!

The system consists of ONLY 4 PRODUCTS: Very Gentle Shock, Blue, Clean & Clear. Using Pristine Blue will take the "GUESS WORK" out of taking care of your pool or spa! Just bring in a water sample every two weeks,and we will test it and write down EXACTLY what you need to add for your pool or spa to stay CRYSTAL CLEAR!    

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Pool Supplies

We can supply and recommend the right parts and accessories for your pool. Our wide range of cost-effective products includes spare parts, lighting, pumps, filters and more. Visit us today and our team of experts will get you the right products for your pool.

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